Voices2Paris Stories

During the Voices2Paris contest, 113 stories have been gathered and 23 of them have been selected to appear on our website. They were published every week day during a month and helped cover the issues of Climate Change before and during COP 21. These journalists are all under 35 and some of them just recently graduated. We value their efforts and thank them for their interest in UNDP and environmental studies.

Here they are, starting with the five winners:

- Diana Omondi (Kenya): Climate change bites Kenyan tea farmers

- Neil Marks (Guyana) : Climate change and floods, the uninvited guests of Guyana

- Shahani Singh (Nepal): Nepali farmer get climate smart

- Augustina Armstrong Ogbonna (Nigeria): Solar power fuels hope on neglected Lagos Island

- Pilar Celi Frias (Peru): Peruvian women install solar panels and light up their communities

- Deepa Philip (India): Alarming ecological damages in Ghoramara Island

- Christina Okello (Uganda): When the rains came in Dokolo and Karamoja

- Augustin Fodou (Mali): Le changement climatique, l'autre menace du Mali

- Arnab Jyoti Dias (India): The challenge of Climate Change: An Indian Perspective

- Rajiv Amar Jalim (Trinidad & Tobago): Sinking into Paradise: Climate Change Worsening Coastal Erosion in Trinidad

- Madeleine Ngeunga (Cameroon): L'île Cap Cameroun en voie de disparition

- Sohara Mehroze Shachi (Bangladesh): Dhaka - Climate refugees and a collapsing city

- Baboki Kayawe (Botswana): Hunger heralds climate change’s arrival in Botswana

- Nadia Pontes (Brazil): Drought threatens water-truck lifeline in parched northeast Brazil

- Hippolyte Agossou (Bénin): Limiter les risques climatiques au Bénin

- Oishanee Ghosh (India): Seaweed cultivation ushers waves of change in the Sundarbans

- Locadia Mavhudzi (Zimbabwe): Traditional seeds keep hunger away in drought-prone Zimbabwe

- Wang Yan (China): Before National Cap-and-Trade Launch, China Faces Raft of Problems

- Watson Maingo (Malawi): Addressing climate change and poverty as one in Malawi

- Isatis Cintron (Puerto Rico): Climate Negotiators Discussing Warming and Migration Links

- Guillermo Fuentes (Chile): Sargassum and Climate Change in the Caribbean

- Fleur Birba (Burkina Faso): Des bassins de collecte des eaux pour sauver l'agriculture au Burkina Faso

- Yohann Lee (Jamaica): Jamaica at the mercy of Climate Change

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