How to submit an entry

First step: Indicate your interest

Applicants should send an email to indicating their intention to participate as soon as they can so that we can share relevant information on climate change that could help their coverage.

How to enter?

Journalists need to submit a story featuring the impact of climate change in their country and/or solution(s) that are implemented to reduce emissions or adapt to climate change. We encourage journalists to submit both their published and unpublished stories. We expect stories to be 600/1000 words long and include at least 5 pictures embedded in the text.   

Journalists need also to fill and submit an application form. A high standard of working English is a requirement for all applicants and the application form should be filled out in English.

Journalists will have to provide a scanned copy of the published story in a print media certified by their editor or a link to the online media to attest of the effective publication of the story between August 24th and October 11th. If the story is not published by October 11th, they will have to submit a letter from their editor confirming the interest and tentative date of publication.

Journalists can submit the form and the story in word document as attachments. Any supporting documents (published article, letter from editors) can be shared in PDF format. If necessary, they can use a file-transfer application such as WeTransfer for large files. In addition, we also need a picture and a short biography of the journalists.

Entries can be submitted in English. Entries in French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese are also accepted but should be accompanied by an English-language translation.

No entry will be accepted if incomplete and/or after the closure of the contest on October 11th 2015 midnight CET.

Checks will be made for plagiarism and any entrant found to have submitted work which is not their own will be automatically disqualified.

Check list

  • Application form

  • Story including five pictures

  • Scanned copy of print article certified by editor or link to the online media page attesting of the effective publication of the story

  • Letter from editor confirming the interest and tentative date of publication (if the story is not published by October 11th)

Deadline to submit an entry

Journalists can submit their entry on a rolling basis between August 27h and October 11th 2015. We strongly encourage early submission. No entries will be accepted after October 11th 2015, Midnight CET.


All documents are to be sent to



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