Accelerate2030: 2017 finalists

We are excited to share with you the names of the top 10 Accelerate2030 finalists from the 2017 edition from Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Ghana, Mexico, the Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa and Turkey.

Tthe final ten will be invited to Switzerland in October to partake in a week-long Scaling Week and benefit from a service package offered by UNDP, Impact Hub and partners; as well as to attend the Social Good Summit Geneva - a closed door summit welcoming speakers and attendees from financial institutions, incubators, impact investors, International development organizations and fellow entrepreneurs.

Accelerate2030 10 finalists are:

Piipee (Brazil): The company has developed a biodegradable solution that can save up to 80% water consumption by not using the flush of the toilet bowl.

Hablando Con Julis (Colombia): HCJ provides a technological solution that allows people with speech, reading and writing difficulties to be able to communicate and learn.

BenBen (Ghana): Benben is a digital land information platform that aims to tackle the inefficiencies of land administration to promote investment, reduce poverty and encourage transparent land resource management. It leverages Blockchain technology to provide governments, financial Institutions, realtors and the general public instant digital access to property information and transactions through an easy to use interface.

Tree Alliance (Cambodia): This is an alliance of eight training restaurants focusing on building the skills of former street youth, marginalized young people and adults in the hospitality sector.

HM Energy (Mexico): They convert pollutant waste tires into low carbon emitting diesel substitute and carbon black char using innovative thermal­ conversion modules.

SALt (Philippines): This is a social enterprise distributing a sustainable, ecologically designed lantern, activated by salt water that can easily replace kerosene lanterns as the main source of lighting for poor families. In the most disaster prone country where access to light is so crucial, this lighting option does not emit harmful gasses and leaves minimal carbon footprint making it very environmentally friendly.

SafeMotos (Rwanda): SafeMotos is a uber style ride hailing company that is disrupting the informal transport sector in African cities and aims to bring higher safety on the roads by tracing safe drivers. 80% of the traffic accidents in Rwanda are caused by motorcycle taxis. The service not only makes transport within African cities more convenient but also safer.

HearX Group (South Africa): The company’s quest is to provide healthy hearing for everyone, everywhere, with clinically validated smartphone hearing test solutions. The team has developed a series of products that are used in over 25 countries.

SyaFunda (South Africa): The company provides free access to quality education (focus on math and science) for high school students through mobile technology and integrates the best teaching practices on video, audio and e-books into the school system through a wireless digital library.

Whole Surplus (Turkey): The company offers a B2B surplus management system and aims at maximizing donation of surplus foods to food banks and to maximize the tax break for retailers through donations. The start up’s ambition is to minimize waste at the source by additionally providing data analytics.

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