Accountability to the Affected Populations in Early Recovery: Examples of Good Practice

04 Apr 2016

While there is a consensus on the importance of accountability to affected population in humanitarian response, country teams often raise the question “how do we actually do it”? This document is an attempt to illustrate more concretely what accountability to affected population means in terms of early recovery assistance and coordination.

The document gives a gist of some of the guiding principles and commitments the humanitarian community has made to improve accountability. It also provides examples of how accountability to the affected population is practiced in early recovery responses in Myanmar, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal. The examples are meant to assist early recovery practitioners, including Cluster Coordinators for Early Recovery and other staff. This document is meant to inspire early recovery clusters in the field with a few stories and tips to a practical approach. It is a living document and more stories can be added if people are interested in sharing.


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