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Gender Lens Initiative for Switzerland awards our GSIV finalist Powerstove with the GLIS Prize

The SDG Finance Geneva Summit warmly congratulates Okey Esse for receiving the Gender Lens Initiative for Switzerland Prize for its contribution to improving Gender Equality and Women Empowerment  

Landmark USD 500M agreement Launched at COP26 to protect the DR Congo’s Forest

President Félix Tshisekedi and Prime Minister Boris Johnson on behalf of CAFI endorsed an 10-year agreement to protect the Congo Basin rainforest  


A message to humanity from Frankie the dinosaur  

New UN Development Programme emergency initiative to support Afghan people in need

Called ‘ABADEI’, the programme provides community level solutions which complement the urgent humanitarian interventions.  

Poverty index reveals stark inequalities among ethnic groups

The report finds that, in some cases, disparities in multidimensional poverty across ethnic and racial groups are greater than disparities across geographical subnational regions.  

New commitments at UN energy summit : a major stride towards affordable and clean energy, but much work ahead to halve energy access gap by 2025

Commitments of more than US$400 billion in new finance and investment announced; but far more are needed to address energy poverty and decarbonization of energy systems  

97 percent of Afghans could plunge into poverty by mid 2022, says UNDP

As Afghanistan teeters on the brink of universal poverty UNDP is proposing a package of interventions designed to help improve the immediate living conditions of the most vulnerable people and…  

Germany commits an additional €125 million to the CAFI fund

As the world eyes IUCN World Conservation Congress, Germany announces contributing €125 million to the Central African Forest Initiative fund to protect the world's second-largest forest  

Nouvelle note sur l’ODD 17 - Sens, Décryptages, Déclinaisons

Comment accélérer l'atteinte de nos ambitions? Comment opérationnaliser l'Objectif de Développement Durable 17?  

Financing solar at the last mile: perceived challenges, risks and opportunities

Bridging the energy access gap by 2030 will require strong policy frameworks and innovative business models, but also meaningful financing efforts...  

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