New Year, new approach, new UNDP

UNDP is starting 2018 with a fresh focus and vision. This approach is laid out in the new Strategic Plan, which takes effect on January 1st and is the blueprint for the evolution of its work over the…  

UNDP launches global competition to name panda cubs

UNDP today launched a global competition with a once-in-a-lifetime prize: the opportunity to name two rare baby pandas in China.  

South-South cooperation between El Salvador and Dominican Republic stimulates local economy

A key feature of the evolving development landscape is the increasing importance of South-South cooperation (SSC), which underscores the leading role of the South in its own development.  

Sharing Best Practices with Ministries of Health for improved management of funds for HIV and AIDS

From its offices in Geneva, the United Nations Development Programme has set up a team to serve the Global Fund (to Ffght AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria) in its efforts to support the most effective…  

Turning the Tide in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Zimbabwe has achieved one of the sharpest declines in HIV prevalence in Southern Africa, from 27% in 1997 to just over 15% in 2010, according to the 2010/2012 Zimbabwe Demographic Health Survey.  

The Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development: A Vision of Hope

More than 1.5 billion people around the world face the horrifying reality of an existence affected by war, violence or high levels of crime. Armed violence destroys lives and communities, and…  

Raising HIV awareness, decreasing stigma in South Sudan

It is estimated that more than 100,000 people are living with HIV in South Sudan, but only about 4,678 people access anti-retroviral therapy (ARTs). For people living with HIV, contracting TB adds to…  

Harnessing the power and potential of ICTs for democratic governance at the local level

The UNDP Office in Geneva has supported local governments to improve service delivery and be more responsive to citizen needs through the triangular transfer of ICT, a series of workshops, and a new…  

Leveraging knowledge in managing Global Fund grants

As part of its work with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, UNDP has launched a country-to-country support mechanism—under which an expert from one country travels to another…  

Rain water harvesting improves lives of Tanzanian farmers

The Kilimanjaro region has always been one of the driest in Tanzania, receiving less than 400 mm of rainfall annually. The average annual rainfall for the country is 900-1000 mm.  

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