• Traditional seeds keep hunger away in drought-prone ZimbabweNov 30, 2015A recent study by Care International-Zimbabwe found that female farmers were more receptive to best farming practices than their male counterparts. The Zimbabwean government has started issuing land rights to women smallholders, previously a taboo.

  • Seaweed cultivation ushers waves of change in the SundarbansNov 27, 2015In Bengal's mangrove forests, the effects of climate change are forcing men to leave their families in search of work. But now, seaweed farming is offering the women left behind financial stability and empowerment.

  • Limiter les risques climatiques au BéninNov 26, 2015Au Bénin, des systèmes de contrôle météorologique et hydrologique permettent d'alerter les populations en cas d'inondation ou de sécheresse, et ainsi de limiter les dégâts causés par les catastrophes climatiques.

  • Northeast Brazil: A Prayer for RainNov 25, 2015Along with Pacheco community, nearly 18,000 inhabitants of the large rural area of Pesqueira city have no water on tap. The Northeast of Brazil is facing the worst drought in the last 50 years. The semiarid region is marked by a history of droughts and is constantly vulnerable to hunger, famine, displacement and material loss.

  • Hunger heralds climate change’s arrival in BotswanaNov 24, 2015“As climate change ushers in more stress on the water sector, it is increasingly a concern that losses in rangeland productivity will result in food insecurity, especially in rural areas,” a country analysis report unveiled recently on Botswana states.

  • Sustainable Rural Biomass Energy in BhutanNov 24, 2015Choden’s face would be covered in soot, scorched from the heat that gathered in her small kitchen. Tears would stream down her eyes as she operated the traditional cook stove she had been using to feed her family for 12 years.

  • New Grant to Support Human Rights in 10 African CountriesNov 23, 2015UNDP and the Global Fund have signed a US$10.5 million grant to address human rights barriers faced by vulnerable communities in Africa, and facilitate access to lifesaving healthcare. The grant is the first of its kind and will cover 10 countries including Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, the Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

  • Dhaka: Climate refugees and a collapsing cityNov 23, 2015With multiplying impacts of climate change - increasing floods, cyclones, and drought - thousands of climate refugees are migrating to Dhaka. And the city, well beyond its carrying capacity, is bursting at the seams.

  • L'ïle Cap Cameroun en voie de disparitionNov 20, 2015Dix kilomètres dans l’océan Atlantique, au large de la partie continentale de l’île Cap Cameroun, se dresse une antenne relais de communication. Installée sur la terre ferme de cette île il y a douze ans, elle est aujourd’hui envahie par les eaux.

  • Sinking into Paradise — Climate Change Worsening Coastal Erosion in TrinidadNov 19, 2015The coastline of Trinidad is under threat as seas rise, storms grow heavier, and as sand is washed away. As iconic coconut trees are lapped by an encroaching sea, some of the dangers of climate change are becoming clear.

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