Social Good Summit



The SGSGeneva 2017 is a closed door event on invitation only targeting high level decision makers, limiting the participation to 120 participants to enhance networking opportunities.

The SGS is a multi-stakeholders dialogue that brings the key players of the ecosystem: mainstream and impact finance, entrepreneurs, governments, international organizations and private sector companies.

Regarding the financial sector, the SGSGeneva brings together a wide range of impact investors (philanthropy, banking institution, direct investors, family offices, etc) in addition to interested parties from mainstream finance.

Vetted growth stage entrepreneurs and investment ready companies will have a chance to pitch solutions for the SDGs and speed date with enablers and investors. We will also select large corporates decision makers who can influence their sector to adopt SDGs led business strategies and embark on sustainable investment through the development of their value chain in developing countries. The SGSGeneva will also facilitate the cross dialogue with innovative Swiss entrepreneurs that are focusing on social and environmental issues and can scale up their solutions in developing countries.

Additionally, the SGSGeneva brings representatives from international organizations active in the field of social entrepreneurship and impact investment as well as governments that have started to map the opportunities and gaps in the implementation of their SDGs and developed policies to incentivize impact investment and social entrepreneurship.


Tentatively, the SGSGeneva will be composed of four elements:

Advocacy (unlocking increased private capital volume for the implementation of the SDGs), matchmaking (between entrepreneurs, investors and large companies), technical dialogue and knowledge transfer (the know-how of impact investment that covers for instance new financial vehicles such as bonds, deals aggregation, policies of incentives, impact measurement, etc.) and sector based investment discussion (partners will bring one or two large deals that involve not only the investors but also the regulators and enablers to structure the investment).



The SGSGeneva contributes to unlock access to private capital for the SDGs and as such contribute to the implementation of the SDGs through

Advocacy: Influencing non-converted investors and building trust among the different parties of the ecosystem.

Technical dialogue/Know How: The SGS provides a framework to create the comfort zone investors need to unlock capital.

Networking: The SGS provides access to vetted projects and a safe space facilitating high interactivity leading to collaboration.


UNDP SGS value added

There are many matchmaking and impact investment events around the globe. What make the SGS different is the unique opportunity of being hosted in Geneva. The ecosystem brings together the financial sector and the international Geneva and the city is emerging as the hub for sustainable finance.

UNDP is considered as a partner of choice by investors for its strong convening power, its capacity to engage in a constructive dialogue with governments and its global footprint.