14 moments that defined global development in 2016

From a devastating war in Syria to a historic peace deal in Colombia; from the hopeful ratification of the Paris Agreement to the urgency of the sinking Maldives due to sea level rise, 2016 has been a year of contrasts, and UNDP has been present over 140 countries helping communities shape development.

UNDP and Deutsche Post DHL Group join forces to train staff from King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba on effective disaster response

Deutsche Post DHL Group and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) are conducting their joint disaster prevention training, known as Get Airports Ready for Disaster (GARD), from December 13 to 15 at King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba, Jordan.

Biodiveristy: To serve and protect

Few places on earth are as evocative – or as important for biological diversity – as Madagascar.

Fear and cajoling in Kabul: Bringing HIV services to high risk groups

To try to extend the reach of testing services, particularly among injecting drug users and other high-risk groups, UNDP and the Global Fund support 36 drop-in centres across Afghanistan that provide voluntary HIV counselling and testing. They also offer advice on methadone replacement therapy and supply anti-retroviral medicine.

BLOG: 3 months after Hurricane Matthew, 7 years after the earthquake

Hurricane Matthew was the first Category 4 storm to landfall in Haiti in 52 years, creating the worst humanitarian crisis in the country since the 2010 earthquake. At least 546 people died and the lives of 2.2 million people were affected.

Sudan: UNDP and Ministry of Health Reach an Agreement on Broad-scale Procurement of Essential Medicines

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of Health have reached in March 2016 a breakthrough agreement on broad-scale procurement of medicines, medical and laboratory equipment and consumables aiming to extensively increase access to treatment of patients in Sudan.

South-south conference concludes with appeal for increased collaboration among developing countries

More than 700 delegates from 90 countries confront critical challenges to achieving the “Global Goals” of sustainable development.

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Support hurricane recovery in Haiti

Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti on 4 October, causing widespread damage. 1.3 million people are affected and 750,000 need immediate assistance.