Climate plans aren’t just for the environment

Meeting the targets set out by the Paris Agreement will not only help address rising global temperatures but also enable a host of other benefits, from food to jobs to health and sustainable growth.

Fear and cajoling in Kabul: Bringing HIV services to high risk groups

To try to extend the reach of testing services, particularly among injecting drug users and other high-risk groups, UNDP and the Global Fund support 36 drop-in centres across Afghanistan that provide voluntary HIV counselling and testing. They also offer advice on methadone replacement therapy and supply anti-retroviral medicine.

Sudan: UNDP and Ministry of Health Reach an Agreement on Broad-scale Procurement of Essential Medicines

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Ministry of International Cooperation and the Ministry of Health have reached in March 2016 a breakthrough agreement on broad-scale procurement of medicines, medical and laboratory equipment and consumables aiming to extensively increase access to treatment of patients in Sudan.

South-south conference concludes with appeal for increased collaboration among developing countries

More than 700 delegates from 90 countries confront critical challenges to achieving the “Global Goals” of sustainable development.

Climate-Smart Loans for Smallholders: Scaling for Impact in a USD 200 B Market

Financial systems for agricultural activities inadvertently contribute to environmental degradation by being blind to unsustainable use of natural resources. With a few tweaks, eco-conscious loans for agriculture could play an important role in protecting the environment and climate.

Habitat III: UNDP launches Sustainable Urbanization Strategy

Urbanization represents a fundamental change in global development and requires a similarly fundamental response.

BLOG: How Social Enterprises and Impact Investors can move the needle to achieve the SDGs

Where others see rubbish, garbage and waste, the team at Diseclar see furniture. Thanks to an inventive manufacturing process they have been able to successfully turn waste materials into stylish furniture that can be used inside and outdoors.

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